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How GKL32 Safety System Make UVC Disinfection Safer
Writer: admin       Date:2020-12-16

Nowadays,as people have more awareness of the sanitation and cleaness of the living environment,the requirements of the UVC disinfection products are increasing explosively. However the safety of UVC products has always been a major concern among the customers,especially UVC disinfection is still a relatively new notion for most of the people,and as we have seen,more and more news showed that people get skin burns,eye burns when exploded unexpectedly to UVC light.


Dec 5th,2020,GK was issued the first UL8802 certificates(in China mainland),for the GKL32 UVC safety system.This means the safety pattern GK developed has won the trust from the authority and the market.


LeftLeo VP of GK

Right: Kang Jingqi (GM of UL Asia-Pacific)


Lets look at some details of it,so we can have and idea how GKL32 safety system make UVC disinfection safer?


- GKL32 UVC safety system is made of:

S1: main switch with timer;

S2: Magnetic door switch;

S3: Mechanical lock;


- How GKL32 works:

Step 1-- turn on S1;you can put on,or set the disinfection time you want. (30/60/60/120mins);before this you operator should make sure there is no people inside the disinfection area.

Step 2-- turn on S2  , which is magnetic switch installed on the door and will be turned off automatically when

there is unexpected entry.

Step 3--Turn on the S3 with the mechanical key,hold only by authorization.

With this three steps in a rowS1-S2-S3,it is assured there is harm during the disinfection period.


GKL32 is suitable for a variety of applications.like School, kindergarten, supermarket, shopping mall,office,restaurant,hotel,medical locations those public area.


For more information,please visit www.gkuvc.com 

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